Jay Z 4:44

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Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Jay-Z’s 13th solo album, 4:44, is here, and yes, it addresses head-on all the betrayal Beyoncé divulged on Lemonade. In ten tracks clocking in at just over 35 minutes, Hov makes short work of releasing his most confessional body of work to date. With a feature from Beyoncé, and spoken bits from their daughter Blue Ivy and Jay’s mother, Gloria Carter, the album also ranks among the rapper’s most personal. It’s a family — ahem — affair, but others were invited into his creative home to build this album. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts.


According to the album’s main producer No I.D. (more on him below), 4:44was made fairly recently. Jay-Z didn’t begin recording the album until last December, and was still working on it as recently as the week of its release. “We did [the line about Al Sharpton’s mirror selfies] maybe Monday? Maybe Tuesday,” he says. No. I.D. completed work on the album on Thursday, the day it went live on Tidal. Going into the album, No I.D. says it was neither Jay nor his team’s intention to make the entire album a Lemonade response. “We never directly spoke about that album. Mainly because if he talks about himself, it’s going to bleed into that regardless. But there’s a difference in talking about it for the sake of response and for the sake of honesty and the truth,” he says. “The truth needs to explain why you are the way you are, why you did what you did. We know what happened. We got it. But what were the circumstances that led to this and how do you feel about it?”

Jay Z new Album 4:44 is an album in his mature years. Definitely a classic album. Check it out now!

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